Sweetmelon | Karboza 1 kg – 1.25 kg


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Sweetmelon (kharboza) from FruitSabzi. We are providing fresh fruits and vegetables.

Other Names: Sweetmelon , kharboza, Fruit, Phal.

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FruitSabzi is delivering Sweetmelon (Kharbooza) to your door, in reasonable prices, we try to offer best prices available in market.

Sweetmelon provides you with natural sugars that will continue to fuel your cells throughout the day. It also is low in fat and contains several key vitamins and minerals, such as: Vitamin C: proven to boost your immune system, as well as give you healthy skin, strengthen tissues, and promote healthy brain function… Order Now..

FruitSabzi brings you Fresh Fruits and Vegetables to your Door. We follow Standards in Quality, Delivery and Customer Satisfaction.

Other Names: Sweetmelon, kharboza, Fruit, Phal.


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Sweetmelon | Karboza 1 kg - 1.25 kg