Bel giri – Bael (Siriphal) – 1 Peice


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Bael Fruit/Bel Giri (بیل گری) from FruitSabzi

Other Names: Bael Fruit, Bel Giri (بیل گری)

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FruitSabzi is delivering best Bael Fruit/Bel Giri (بیل گری) to your door, in reasonable prices, we try to offer best prices available in market.

Bael Fruit/Bel Giri (بیل گری) is hard, woody and smooth with sweet flesh inside that can be consumed fresh or dried. Bael fruit, also known as Bael, Bengal Quince.
The bael fruit can certainly consumed raw or even cooked.
It can control diabetes, Excellent For Treating Constipation, Effective in the management of arthritis, It Can Control Diabetes, Helps In Cholesterol Control Levels… Order Now..

FruitSabzi brings you Fresh Fruits and Vegetables to your Door. FruitSabzi has set Standards in Quality, Delivery and Customer Satisfaction, while following best practices.

Other Names: Bael Fruit, Bel Giri (بیل گری)


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Bel giri - Bael (Siriphal) - 1 Peice